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Legal Representation for Fraud Charges in Ottawa

Are you facing fraud charges in Ottawa and require legal representation? Our legal experts are there to walk you through the process of fraud proceedings and to advise you on all topical matters. Call us for an appointment today.

Tax/Fraud Evasion

Do not wait until you get charged with tax fraud, tax evasion or a related charge to speak with a lawyer. The Crown will often undertake lengthy and detailed investigations into these types of charges and will have already gathered significant amounts of evidence before charging anyone. By speaking with a lawyer at the first sign of trouble, you will not lose any leverage in the criminal process and your lawyer may be able to prevent charges from being filed in the first place.

At Engel & Associates, in Ottawa, our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience handling tax fraud and tax evasion defence. We know how police officers and The Crown often work when investigating these cases and what options our clients have for avoiding, reducing or dismissing these types of charges. We will ensure that your rights are protected and that you have the best possible chance of avoiding a criminal record.

Charges of white-collar crimes often come after lengthy investigations. Unfortunately, during these investigations, police can make serious errors in the collecting of evidence and the infringement of legal rights. Our lawyers will stand up for those rights and guide you through every stage of the process. From the first indication, you have that something is up — such as an employer suggesting that you have acted inappropriately — talk with an experienced lawyer. Do not wait for the police to get involved or to get arrested.

Orleans Tax Evasion Defence Lawyers
When our firm investigates these types of cases, we frequently work with accountants and other financial experts who can thoroughly review tax matters and help us build an effective defence. We have developed a reputation for fair dealing with The Crown and the courts while serving clients well.

Frequently, we have been able to successfully resolve client cases and have done so at various stages of the criminal process — including before charges have been filed.

Breach of Trust/Fraud

People who care for seniors or supervise children have a responsibility to make decisions that are in their best interests. If these caretakers or guardians have access to funds, they need to treat those funds properly. Breach of trust/fraud and elder abuse are serious charges that come out of alleged mistreatment and carry significant penalties for those who are convicted.

At Engel & Associates, we know that false allegations of breach of trust/fraud can damage a person’s reputation and future. Our lawyers provide experienced criminal defence in order to help our clients avoid or reduce the potential penalties and consequences brought on by a criminal conviction. Most people charged with these types of crimes have never been in trouble with the law before. We will guide you through the criminal process as effectively as possible. For over 20 years, our lawyers have handled hundreds of cases throughout Ontario and have built a strong record of accomplishment.

Fraud can carry a wide range of potential penalties and consequences for those who are convicted. Fraud may be classified in two ways under the Criminal Code fraud that is over $5,000 or fraud that is under $5,000. Fraud that is over $5,000 is often the result of corporate fraud and employee fraud, both of which are often viewed as a breach of trust/fraud.

Regardless of the level of offence, it is important to have the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer. At the law firm of Engel & Associates, in Ottawa, our lawyers provide representation for fraud charges in Ontario. We have developed a respected reputation for serving our clients well and dealing with The Crown on the toughest cases.

Nepean Corporate Fraud Defence Lawyers
A breach of trust/fraud can happen in cases where guardians take advantage of children or caretakers take advantage of seniors. It can also happen as the result of political fraud, corroborate fraud, insider trading or other scenarios where one party is taken advantage of financially.

Lawyers Bruce Engel and Elena Davies have the patience and experience to thoroughly review the charges against you, the alleged events and the evidence to build an effective defence for you. Given the consequences that are at stake, you need to take action immediately.

Bank/Insurance Fraud

There are many different types of fraud and depending upon the specific circumstances, the potential penalties and consequences will vary. For many types of fraud, however, charges carry the possibility of jail time upon a conviction. If you have been charged with bank or insurer fraud in Ontario, it is important for you to speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible regarding your defence.

At Engel & Associates, our Ottawa lawyers have the experience to defend against charges of bank or insurance fraud. We have represented business owners and individuals who are alleged to have obtained loans, letters of credit and insurance settlements through false identities, forged documents or false information on applications or claim forms. In order to prove fraud, it has to be shown that there was known misrepresentation or criminal intent in the fabrication or forgery of documents.

Orleans Insurance Fraud Lawyers
As with other types of white-collar crimes, these offences often require extensive and lengthy government investigations. During the early stages of a case, it may be possible to avoid charges or to limit the charges that are brought against a suspect. Even if charges are still brought by police, getting involved early can still improve a client’s position in plea negotiations or at trial.

Talk with us about the circumstances of your situation and let us help you understand your best options and the best strategy for your case.

Our Legal Expertise Is at Your Service

Have your day in court with our expert legal advice by your side.

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