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Engel & Associates’ Cases

The following are a number of case summaries that Engel & Associates has been involved in over the years in the Ottawa region. Names have been purposely withheld in order to respect confidentiality and preserve privilege.


Bruce Engel was able to convince a jury to acquit our client who was accused of murdering his neighbor and burying his body beneath the floorboards of his house. Bruce was instrumental in influencing the crown attorney to withdraw first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges against his client in a very serious organized crime case out of Quebec.


A judge dismissed a number of extortion and related charges against our client, after the complainant stormed out of the courtroom swearing at Bruce in the middle of his cross examination.

Sexual Assault

A judge found our client not guilty of sexual assault, after Bruce elicited during cross-examination, that the complainant suffered from delusions and could not differentiate between fantasy and reality.

Elena Davies successfully had all the charges withdrawn against her client facing historical sexual assault charges. The 20 charges withdrawn involved 3 different complainants and spanned a period of 6 years.

Domestic Assault

The Crown Attorney was persuaded to withdraw a domestic assault charge against our client, when the complainant provided the court with three different answers to the same relevant questions during Bruce’s rigorous cross-examination of her.

Dangerous Driving Causing Death

Bruce Engel convinced a jury to acquit our client who sped through a red light and struck a police cruiser.

Impaired Driving

Elena Davies convinced a judge to exclude all the evidence against our client, after she demonstrated that none of the police officers read him the proper breath demand.


Bruce Engel was able to negotiate an out of court settlement on behalf of our client who was accused of misappropriating over $200,000 from his employer. Our client repaid $50,000 and was able to avoid a police investigation and formal criminal charges.


Bruce Engel convinced the Crown Attorney to withdraw theft charges against our client who was accused of stealing over $5,000 worth of merchandise from a large retail store. The store’s private security and the police committed several errors during their investigation of our client.

Drugs and Weapons

A number of drug and weapons charges were withdrawn against our client after a preliminary hearing failed to disclose any evidence directly linking our client to illicit drugs or restricted weapons. The court ruled that mere presence was not sufficient.

Human Trafficking

Bruce Engel and Elena Davies convinced the court to release our client on a number of Human Trafficking charges. The Crown vehemently opposed his release during a full day bail hearing.

Assault Police Officers

A judge acquitted Elena’s client of assaulting police officers and resisting arrest after challenging the officers’ evidence at trial. The judge found that the client would not have known that he was resisting an officer; due to the fact the officers did not sufficiently announce their presence in arriving at the fight and pepper spraying the group.


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