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Dealing with Drug or Narcotics Offences in Ottawa, Ontario

Have you been accused of drug possession charges in Ottawa and its surrounding areas? Engle & Associates is a team of trusted criminal defence lawyers in Ottawa, ON that can help you tell your side of the story.


You can entrust us with your cases concerning the possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and illegal prescription drugs such as Percocet & OxyContin. If you have been accused of any drug charges, one needs to ask a lot of questions regarding the arrest & the evidence gathered by the police to build a case against you.


If police officers do not follow the law, being arrested for possession of drugs and narcotics can lead to you being denied your rights. Some officers make use of:


●        Illegal detention

●        Illegal searches

●        Illegal seizures

●        Denial of right to counsel

How We Can Help You

It is important for you to know that violation of rights does not equate to a collapsed case. For instance, even the Supreme Court has said that if the infringement of rights is unintentional, it is not as simple as saying that all evidence and the entire case is thrown out. While some examples of rights infringement can still result in a case being dismissed, courts are not as willing to dismiss cases as frequently as they did in the past.

Nevertheless, an experienced defence lawyer can still take actions to protect your rights and reduce or dismiss the penalties that you are facing.

There is also a dedicated drug court that allows a person who has never committed a violent offence an opportunity to change his or her record. Drug courts will monitor the individual and see whether that person has been successful in staying away from drugs. For people who have never been in trouble with the law before, this can be a positive outcome.

The police may not provide you with all of the information you need. But they will tell your lawyer. In fact, the Supreme Court of Canada has even authorized the police to mislead the subject of an investigation. Call us right away to book an appointment.


Your Trust, Our Experience

The drug defence lawyers at Engle & Associates have an experience of over two decades in dealing with drug offences. From the start of your criminal investigation, through arrest and trial, we will ensure that your rights are protected. We can build the most effective case to reduce or dismiss the consequences that you are facing. If you are facing any trouble with drug and narcotics charges against you in Ottawa and throughout Ontario, do not hesitate & give us a call.

Drug & Narcotics Lawyers in Ottawa

If you are facing charges for drugs & narcotics,  get in touch with experienced drug defence attorneys.

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