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Dealing With Youth Crimes in Ottawa

Engel & Associates is the right choice you when you are looking for a team of lawyers who can help you handle cases related to youth crimes in Ottawa. Our youth crime lawyers can help to defend your rights and the rights of your child after an arrest.

There is a misconception that when a young person is arrested and convicted for a crime, the conviction will not go on his or her record. That is not necessarily true. Youth court is a real court with real penalties that could have a significant impact on the future prospects of employment and secondary education for a young person. If your son or daughter has been arrested, talk with a lawyer as soon as possible about your options for defence.

As a parent, you have the right to be there with your child when he or she is questioned by the police. It is important to get your son or daughter out of the police station and brought home as soon as possible. Be there to support your child and let an experienced lawyer handle the defence process. Our firm handles a wide area of youth offences.

Kanata Assault Defence Lawyers

While much of the concern from parents is generally about the long-term consequences of an arrest and/or conviction, there is still the reality that jail time, fines and other penalties may be assessed in the present.

Of course, while short-term penalties need to be considered, the long-term impact on your kid’s future opportunities may be the most important reason to contact an experienced lawyer. Our firm will look for the most effective way of reducing or eliminating the impact a mistake today will have on his or her life tomorrow.

Youth Court Cases in Ontario

Do not talk about the alleged events with your child. What he or she says to you, especially if it is said in front of a police officer, can be used against your child. Contact us right away for a free consultation.

Trust Our Expertise

Worry no more if you have been accused of various criminal charges in Ottawa and the surrounding area. We are here to help you with reliable legal representations.

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