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We Will Assist If You Have Been Accused of Weapons Charges

Gun offences are treated harshly in Canada. There are increasingly more firearm charges that are becoming subjected to mandatory minimum sentences of imprisonment and severe penalties. If you have been filed for weapons charges in the Ottawa area, count on the lawyers at Engel & Associates. The Criminal Code provisions for these types of offences can be very technical. Hence, you would definitely need assistance and legal representation from a team of experienced lawyers.

Possessing a restricted firearm, a non-restricted firearm without a license or a prohibited firearm is considered a very serious offence. At the law firm of Engel & Associates, our goal is to prevent you from facing a wrongful conviction or severe criminal penalties. We make sure to study your case thoroughly and obtain the best possible result through effective negotiation. We have developed a respected reputation for serving our clients well and dealing with The Crown on the toughest cases. 

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to reach out to us. Our lawyers will be happy to work with you. We also offer free consultations.

Trust Our Expertise

Worry no more if you have been accused of various criminal charges in Ottawa and the surrounding area. We are here to help you with reliable legal representations.

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