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Fraud & Tax Evasion Lawyers in Ottawa

A conviction for tax evasion or fraud can lead to hefty fines and incarceration, and even a criminal record. If you are facing tax evasion charges, it is important that you consult with experienced criminal lawyers. It is important to remember that an accusation of tax evasion or fraud could lead to criminal charges. When you are accused of a crime, anything you say to your accountant and anything your accountant learns can be used against you. However, when you retain a lawyer, the information you share is strictly confidential because it is protected by lawyer-client privilege. Contact the lawyers at Engel & Associates to understand the charges that you have been levied with and to navigate through the entire legal process.

Reliable Fraud And Tax Evasion Lawyers In Ottawa

We have an extensive experience in fraud and tax evasion cases. Rely on us to get you through this arduous process.

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