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Cybercrime Lawyers in the Ottawa Area

The internet has reached every household today. All our devices; be it a laptop, a mobile, a tablet, a computer, sometimes even an electrical appliance; are now equipped with internet facilities. With the spread of the internet, however, what has also spread and increased is the incidence of crimes related to it. Cybercrimes have become extremely prevalent today and a number of people find themselves entangled in cases relating to cybercrime. What is more troubling is that sometimes, these cases are fraudulent and are filed with the sole aim of inflicting personal, mental or physical harm upon a person. A cybercrime case can cause grave damage to your social standing as well as your personal and professional life.

If you are in need of reliable cybercrime lawyers in Ottawa, consider visiting Engel & Associates. We understand that these charges essentially put life on the line, and we will use our years of experience to build an effective defence.

Child Pornography

Allegations of internet sex crimes, such as the possession or distribution of child pornography i.e visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor, can threaten and jeopardize your entire life. Not only are the potential criminal penalties for child pornography severe, but the allegations themselves can damage your reputation amongst friends, family members and co-workers. Your access to a computer and your ability to see your own children may also be in jeopardy. Our lawyers can help you defend your rights and protect your interests in case you are investigated for or arrested on charges of child pornography.

Kanata Child Porn Defence Lawyers

Child pornography charges may involve the possession, distribution, production or promotion of any obscene pictures or video content involving minors engaging in sexually explicit behavior. This could include cases involving two or three photographs to thousands of online photos. The issue of child pornography is so sensitive that a 21-year old who photographs his/her 16-year old partner in the nude could also face legal charges.


In many cases, child pornography charges stem from police stings where online sites are monitored by law enforcement agencies. Thus, child pornography comes under the ambit of cybercrime. Police will generally seize the computer of the accused to view the files and sites that have been accessed. Our firm will often work with computer experts to determine how the files were accessed, who accessed them and whether there was any intent to commit a crime. We will utilize our experience and resources to establish the most effective defence strategy based on the circumstances of your specific case.

While the prospect of jail time and a lifetime of registration on the sex offender registry are frightening, the social persecution from friends, family and society may be just as daunting. Get in touch with us to discuss your case.

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Caught in the Midst of a Cybercrime Case

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