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When you find yourself facing criminal charges, you need a criminal defence lawyer to defend your case. If you want to take back your life and put up the best defence possible, a great attorney can make or break your case. But when you're already worried about your future, it can be hard to figure out what to look for in an attorney. We know this is a difficult time in your life. That's why we're here to simplify the process. Here are three tips to help you find the best criminal defence lawyer to defend your case.

1. Look for Specialized Experience First and foremost, you should look for a criminal defence attorney with specialized experience in your particular case. Even if a defence lawyer is talented, you don't want to hire a firm that primarily handles tax evasion cases if you have a driving offence. Similarly, you don't want to go to court over narcotics charges with an attorney who specializes in white-collar crime. While the difference between various branches of criminal law isn't necessarily as stark as the gap between civil vs criminal law, each subset of criminal law has its own best practices and nuances. An attorney with specialized experience is up-to-date on the latest changes in their practice area. 2. Look for a Lawyer Who Meets Your Needs Other than experience and a strong performance record, one of the most important indicators of a good criminal defence attorney is finding an attorney who meets your needs. This is not limited to providing legal representation--that's a given. Look for an attorney who goes the extra mile to meet you where you are. For example, when you ask questions, how does the attorney answer them? Are they happy to answer in detail, or do they give you a short answer? Do they take the time to explain things in terms you can understand, or do they toss a lot of jargon around and tell you not to worry about it? This also extends to little things, like your attorney making themselves available when you pick up the phone to call them rather than handing you off to a junior associate. 3. Find a Team You Trust On a related note, you should look for an attorney (if not a complete legal team) that you trust. After all, no case is the work of a single person. Your attorney and their team are going to spend a lot of time with you over the duration of your case. They're also going to spend a lot of time digging through personal information about you. This can be an uncomfortable process, which is why it's incredibly important to find an attorney you trust. If you don't trust your attorney, you won't feel comfortable telling them things, and your attorney should never be blindsided if you hope to win your case. The Criminal Defence Lawyer You Need Engel & Associates knows that our clients call us when they're facing the most difficult moments of their lives. These are the moments when you need a great attorney on your side with the legal expertise to support you and the commitment to see your case through to the best possible outcome. Our team is here to put you at ease, guide you through this difficult process, and ensure that your rights are defended. If you need an attorney about your options, let our legal team guide and support you. Schedule your free consultation today to find out how our experienced criminal attorneys can help.

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